can be your professional partner for exceptional trips in Turkey.


A trip with high content and culture? An experience with an adventurous fun factor, or traveling in luxurious style?

Small or big traveller groups, you can count on us to provide outstanding experiences for your clients.


What is your objective? Who is going on the trip. We are very curious and we want to know our customers through and through. We attach great importance to your input and welcome honest feedback.


We roll out our Turkey map for you and select the destination in line with your wishes, company philosophy and budget. For your groups AHATOUR won’t propose standard packages from travel brochures or from the internet. We will mould a journey around our clients’ needs and desires. Our target effects.

Unforgettable “aha!” moments and an overall impression of “wow!”.


Our mission: Experience. Authenticity. Discovery. Ecology. These are the fundamental values held dear by me as owner and general manager of ALL OF ISTANBUL – AHATOUR.


“I was fifteen when we were asked at school to draw a picture showing our future profession. I drew myself as a guide showing the Blue Mosque to a group of tourists in the background. I knew then: I want to work in tourism.”


Also we think it’s fantastic to link your trip to a social project, so that your guests can really taste, live and experience a difference, with locals, communities, schools, children.


We also have a soft spot for ecological goals. We watch our carbon footprints, because the world is fantastic, and we want to keep it that way. We believe in sustainability 100%. With hands on hearts, we also promise that we never pursue these values at the expense of our personal service to our clients.


Why choose AHATOUR?

We are available 24/7 and arrange everything: before, during and after.

We have personal contact with all hotels, guides and drivers

We test and inspect everything in advance

We want to be the best, not the lowest cost travel planner

Customer loyalty, pleasure and experience are our priorities

Over 30 years’ personal experience, domestically and abroad.

We hold the reins tightly in our hands behind the scene.

We will not show the stressful moments to our clients. Though at the front all seems to happen easily on its own, we ensure that the logistics of your tour run like a train from A to Z, meanwhile keeping a broad smile on our face.

Our tailor-made dream trips and small nuances will leave a deep impression that will endure for years after you return home.

We plan your trip from ariving at Istanbul Airport until your departure. We accompany you on the journey from start to finish.


Can we be your trusted partner ?

We make a transparent price offer without any unpleasant surprises.

We make all the contacts and put everyone on the same line. Hotels, timely briefings, appropriate rewards.

We know closely for more than 30 years our local partners and suppliers who in return know us. Our excellent relationships with partners are based on our transparent approach, mutual respect and fair remuneration.

On the day itself we are the first ones on the scene, with a detailed scenario for every link of the tour. We personally ensure that your guests lack for nothing, so that your only job is to enjoy the trip.



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